About International Driving Licence(In English)

1.International driving permitbased on ``the Geneva Convention`` (other IDP will not be recognized) and Domestic driver`s license.International driver`s permit that is based on the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic 1949 is required. To check this, the following text is imprinted on the front cover of your international driver`s permit: ``Convention on International Road Traffic of September 19, 1949``

※Your permit must have 1 year validity period.

1. International driver`s license based on the Geneva Convention.
2. Driver`s permit issued in a country party to the Geneva Conventions.
3. Passport

( International driver`s license based on other conventions such as the Viena Convention, EU & etc. is invalid.)

2.Domestic driver`s license plus Official Japanese translation.Countries or regions that don’t issue International Driving Permit based on the Geneva Convention receives official recognition same as Japan and are known as decreed countries.

Decreed Countries: Taiwan, Swiss, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco.

1. Original driver`s license from the mentioned country.
2. Official Japanese translation of document/s.

※Always bring the original documents. Photocopies and expired documents are invalid.
If you fail to meet these conditions, you will be prohibited to drive in Japan.